Provisional Motorcycle Licence

Your provisional motorcycle licence is the first step on the road to becoming a fully-fledged biker. A provisional motorcycle licence is needed before you can even think about riding a motorbike on the roads – it is your provisional entitlement to ride motorbikes on UK roads.

Provisional Entitlement

If you have already passed your car driving test then you will automatically have motorcycle provisional entitlement. If you’re learning to drive then your provisional car driving licence may or may not have motorcycle entitlement, and this will depend on whether you asked for it when applying for the provisional driving licence.

Applying for a Provisional Motorcycle Licence

If you don’t already have provisional motorcycle entitlement, you will need to apply for a provisional motorcycle licence by contacting the DVLA. This can either be done online at the DirectGov website or by completing and sending in form D1, which is available from your local Post Office. There is a £50.00 charge, and you will need to send in colour passport photographs, copies of identification or a passport and details of your address for the past three years.

To apply for a provisional motorcycle licence, you must be 17 years or older, although at 16 you can apply for a moped licence that allows you to ride machines up to 50cc. You must be resident in Great Britain and not be excluded from driving for any reason. If you have a driving ban, you will not be able to apply for a motorcycle licence until the time of the ban has passed.

Taking The Next Step

Once you’ve got your provisional licence, the next step is to take CBT Test, completion of which will allow you to ride motorcycles up to 125cc with a maximum power output of 11kW (14.6bhp) on UK roads. However, you won’t be allowed to take passengers or ride on motorways, and you will need to display L plates, or D plates if you are in Wales.