Motorbike Direct Access

The Motorbike Direct Access course is only open to learner riders over the age of 21 at the point of taking their practical motorcycle test. Like other riders, Direct Access riders must have passed their motorcycle theory test and their CBT test before taking their practical test. The difference is that Direct Access riders take the practical test on a bike with a power output of at least 35kW. Having passed the Direct Access practical test, the rider is qualified to ride a motorbike of any size.

A standard leaner motorbike has a maximum allowable power output of just 11kW and engine up to 125cc. In order to prepare for taking the practical test on a larger bike the Direct Access rider must comply with the following when riding their motorcycle out on the roads:

  • Always be accompanied by an approved instructor on another motorbike and in direct radio contact
  • Always wear reflective or fluorescent clothing
  • Follow all other restrictions associated with the provisional licence

The Direct Access rider has the option to take all or part of the CBT test using the larger bike.