Full Motorcycle Licence


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There are several different categories of motorcycle licence which are based on the size of your machine and your experience. Here we’ll explain the differences between these, and how you can go about getting a full motorcycle licence.

Moped (Category P) and Category A1 Licence

The moped (Category P) licence covers mopeds (up to 50cc) and the A1 Licence covers light bike licence of up to 125cc.

To get a Category A1 licence, the engine size of the bike used to take the practical test must be between 75cc and 125cc, with 11kW (14.6 bhp) or less and it must have a maximum speed of 62.5 mph. Taking a test on this size bike will only ever allow you to ride bikes of up to 125cc. If you decide that you wish to upgrade to a larger bike later on, you’ll have to retake the test on a larger bike.

Category A2 Licence

If you take a standard motorcycle test on a 120-125cc bike, you will gain a Category A2 licence. This A2 licence has restrictions on the size or power of bikes that can be ridden, which last for 2 years. After 2 years a Category A2 licence automatically becomes a Category A licence and then you can ride any type of motorcycle.

To take the standard test the motorcycle used must be over 120cc but not over 125cc, and capable of more than 62.5mph. Once the test has been passed on a bike with this sized engine, riders have no restriction on engine size, so are allowed bikes of any cc, but for 2 years there are power restrictions. The power to weight ratio must not exceed 0.16kw/kg, and bikes must be 25kW (33 bhp) or less.

Want your Category A Licence Faster?

If you’re 21 or over, or if you reach 21 within the 2 year period after taking your test, there are ways to ride a more powerful bike without waiting the two years. There are two routes open that allow quicker access to larger bikes, the motorbike Direct Acces scemeĀ and the Accelerated Access Course. If you are under 21, unfortunately you have no option but to wait out the two years, sorry!