Accelerated Access Course

Motorcyclists who pass their motorcycle practical test on a standard learner bike are only allowed to ride a motorbike of up to 25kW and a power to weight ratio of up to 0.16 kW/kg for the first two years after passing their test. However, if you turn 21 during that two-year period then you are eligible for the Accelerated Access course.

The Accelerated Access course means taking your practical motorcycle test again but on a larger bike with a power output of at least 35kW. Having passed the practical test on the larger bike the rider will be legally allowed to ride motorbikes of any size on the roads.

In order to prepare for taking the practical test on a larger bike, the same rules apply as for the Direct Access course:

  • Always be accompanied by an approved instructor on another motorbike and in direct radio contact
  • Always wear reflective or fluorescent clothing
  • Follow all other restrictions associated with the provisional licence
  • While riding the larger bike the rider reverts to learner status with all the accompanying restrictions except bike size. However, failing the practical test on the larger bike has no affect on your existing licence.